We Know They Harnessed Power, But How?

We know they harnessed power, but how?

Catching photon absorption on film has become a quantum quandary. I don’t know very much about quantum physics, but when we peel back the layers of these buildings, it’s not structures themselves harnessing power, it is their design and placement that does.

When I don’t know something completely, as you know I find someone who does.

Here is a break down from an anonymous source simplifying exactly how these buildings are capable of harnessing energy.

How to harness power

The universe is woven together via invisible webs we recognize as gravitational waves.

These waves are comprised of photons which when entangled create electromagnetic ley lines (conduits), just like the ley lines here on Earth making up our geomagnetic grid.

As Above, So Below

As Within, So Without

As the Universe, So the Soul…

This tenet explains literally everything.

With that being said, those aforementioned ley lines are the channels or rails on which energy travels (quantum photonics).

Now, we’ll examine the types of energies that can be harnessed.

Since all matter is bonded by sound, that’s our number one. Each planetary body emits its own harmonic frequency ranging from very high (god frequencies) to very low (demonic, ie Saturn).

These frequencies of course create geometric patterns (cymatics) which when mirrored and paired with certain naturally occurring bodies which either vibrate at a similar frequency or are conduits themselves, OR, a combination of both, can then be used to harness the energy via the ley lines.

This was the ancient purpose of obelisks.

The pyramids were the power plants channelling and storing the vibrations of Orion (the old gods!), and spreading the energy via a system of carefully placed granite obelisks (highly conductive) along earths geomagnetic ley lines.

As above, so below! Essentially, all pre/antediluvian structures were designed to utilise these astral vibrations.

Some for energy, some for healing, some for other purposes.



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