Antiquitech Study II: What is Antiquitech?

What is antiquitech?

“Antiquitech” is a blanket term to describe old lost technology relating to atmospheric electricity. Many of these devices either harness or use this energy.

How is atmospheric electricity harnessed?

Electricity is running through the air around you right now. The higher elevation you are, the more electricity is around you (+100 volts each meter). You do not feel a shock because you are on the ground (acting as a conductor). Essentially, there exists a downward electrical current in the air of positive ions. There is a way to attract this energy when grounded using a long rod.

This rod has negatively charged elections running through it that it gets from being grounded. The high elevation of the tip of the rod means the rod is close to high voltage. The positively charged ions in the air attract the negatively charged electrons from the rod, creating electricity in the rod.

How is this useful?

It is essentially a clean infinite energy source. There is no need to pay for anything except for the equipment required, and there is no pollution involved whatsoever. This energy source, when used to its fullest potential, will change our way of life for the better, at ZERO cost to the environment. All of our electrical equipment could be powered this way without the owner paying a single dime.

This source of energy was used commonly before the 19th century, and we can see remanence of this technology everywhere in the world today. It is especially common in old 19th and early 20th century photographs.

What are examples of antiquitech?

Quite literally entire buildings. Take a look at the old grand structures from before the 20th century. They have a common theme to them, and when you see it, you can’t unsee it. I’m talking capitol buildings, cathedrals, towers, and more.

The common parts found on these buildings/cities are: long rods, conductive ornaments/material, symmetrical designs, magnetron windows, the list goes on. The old cities were designed like circuit boards.

Let this statement sink in:

The people from the past built buildings that happen to be of conductive material, put ornaments on the roofs that happen to be highly conductive, built windows that happen to be shaped exactly like magnetrons, built tons of giant monuments that happen to be shaped like magnets, right in the middle of cities they built that just happen to be shaped like circuit boards, and we are to believe they knew almost nothing about electricity? Give me a break. It’s just laughable how messed up our historical narrative is.

Time to get out of our comfort zones to question the swamp of half-truths we call the mainstream historical narrative.

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