Antiquitech Study I: Introduction

An Introduction to Antiquitech Study

We are in the age of documentation. Being born into the modern day gives us access to modern equipment such as cameras, which are more readily available than ever.

Politicians of the modern day walk onstage prepared to speak to the public, knowing that they are being recorded and viewed from as many angles as possible. Everyone today has access to cameras.

But this wasn’t always the case.

Back in the day, in the 1800s, not very many people had access to cameras. In any such event, you would have a few camera setups and that’s it. That is all the hard documentation you’d get for any event you go to see. Whether that be the world’s fairs, the civil war, or the great fires.

Why is this important?

In an age of little documentation, it is very easy to lie. I can lie about what started the fires in the 1800s and with enough money and power, it can be established as truth.

Introduction to antiquitech

How does this help us understand antiquitech?

Imagine a group of very rich and powerful men. They own the banks, railroads, energy sources, and school curriculums. They have one job: to maintain their wealth and power. Any kind of competition that comes their way they will do everything in their power to destroy it. And by “destroy”, I also mean completely wipe it from history and change school curriculums to never speak of it in a classroom again.

Antiquitech is one of the major competitors to their energy industries. It is essentially how get “free” energy.

What is “free” energy?

It’s more of a slang term for atmospheric electricity, or electricity from the air. “Ether/Aether” energy, if you will. The reason it is called “free” is because you don’t have to pay for it, the antiquitech devices harness the energy themselves.

Introduction to antiquitech

Why hide this from us?

Because it would put the current energy industries completely out of business instantly. The energy industries are among some of the biggest elite class moneymakers in the world.

This revelation is not like others that the elite class don’t want you knowing, like crime statistics or the science of race and gender. No, this forgotten tech will single-handedly destroy the energy industries.

So you can bet that they work overtime to make sure the people don’t know it even exists. This also means heavily altering our history and redesignating the antiquitech devices.

These antiquitech devices are things we have all seen before, but we know them by different names. In Antiquitech Study – II, we will look at the design of the cities of the old world and their funny coincidences.

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