The Sounds Of Sasquatch

Have you ever heard a sound in the forest that doesn’t seem natural or normal? If you have, you would be one of many who have heard these screams or unrecognizable mumblings. Another thing often heard, accompanying these strange sounds, is wood knocks that ring out through the forest, or loud whooping noises. Many people report feeling ill or getting headaches after an encounter, which possibly suggests some kind of frequency being emitted that disorientates people as a form of protection.

It is said that Sasquatch mimics sounds of nature like bird calls and even sirens. Researchers have heard indistinct mumbling and grunting and this is believed to be their language. Many of the sounds recorded have been analyzed and some were found to be beyond the normal audible scope of humans.

Cherokee elders speak of beings that lived in the woods, known as the Secluded Tribe. They believe these creatures were put here by the Creator to help us. It is said they would present berries and edible roots at the edge of their hunting boundaries as an offering to these creatures, and in return they would help and protect the people while they hunted and gathered in the forest.

To this day some indigenous tribes that still hunt are taught that if they hear wood knocks in the forest, to leave the area immediately as that is an indication that the creature’s family is near, and they are said to be aggressively territorial. There is a myth that Bigfoot was the original form of human that dwelled in the Garden of Eden, and their genetics were used to create humankind. Stories and firsthand accounts vary from peaceful to extremely aggressive and it is safe to say that this species is as vast as humanity itself. It is also safe to say that if you do encounter something strange in the forest, not to take it lightly and to be aware of the extreme possible danger that lurks between the trees. The cases of missing people in State Parks is concerning and there are numerous stories of man eating Sasquatch and women or children being taken by big hairy beasts, never to be seen again.

From documentation of reports over the years, it has become apparent that there are a few different species of this hairy hominid, from very human-like to almost completely ape-like. Different colours from black, brown, rust and even white have been seen far and wide in this world. On the other hand they are said to be guardians of Nature and have some form of higher vibrational presence with interdimensional abilities. Additionally, many sightings include luminous orbs or strange lights.

Not all reports are true and there are many hoaxes, so it’s easy to dispel all of this as myth and fantasy, but the number of reported sightings from regular everyday types of people, for zero recognition, is staggering. Once you think there is a possibility that Sasquatch or Bigfoot is real, the world becomes a little more interesting, magical and scary.

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