The Mongol Empire Never Existed

Until the end of the 19th century, there was no such thing as a so-called “Mongol Empire” or “Golden Horde” in the history books. This myth was invented very recently by the court “historians” (sci-fi writers) of the disgustingly corrupt Romanov dynasty in order to validate the Scalergian Chronology (the false historical timeline that we are taught today).

In reality, that what we know of as the Mongol Empire, was in fact a country named Great Tartaria which existed for thousands of years until Summer 7284 (1775) when it was almost completely eradicated following a nuclear winter. Ethnic cleansing of inhabitants who remained took place thereafter up until WW1. Numerous military campaigns were led in order to destroy Tartaria for centuries. The “French Invasion of Russia” was really, in fact, a joint military operation between Napoleon of France and Alexander I of Russia, who were both Roman generals working together to exterminate Tartaria. In fact, all wars of the middle ages only occurred between Tartary and the Roman Empire — with the goal of the Romans being a total crusade and eradication of the Vedic Aryans — to usher in control of the parasites in their lands through Abrahamic religion which they were defending against.

The “Mongols” (Tartarians) so called “invaders” were nothing more than Pagan Slavs, Balts, Turks, Bulgars, Huns, Finns, Uralics, among many other ethnic groups, who had banded together to defend against the Christian invaders of Rome in order to protect the eternal Vedic truth against those who seek total annihilation of the Aryans.

Mongol empire never existed

Why didn’t the “Mongols” (Tartarians) attack Novgorod? Because there were many Pagans in Novgorod that were never persecuted. Same story in Smolensk and Pskov, amongst a few other principalities who were all Pagan. This was a civil war not an invasion. It’s also pretty clear that all the most important urban centers were solely founded, built and populated by Slavic Aryan people. All these facts are taken from western sources. The reason why the people of Novgorod, Smolensk, Pskov and a few other principalities weren’t invaded is because they were never involved in the brutally forcible Christianization of Pagans.

The name of the Russian branch of Christendom used to be called “Pravo-Verya”, simply translating into “right to believe”, and was very much different from Byzantine Orthodoxy. This is why the supposed “conquerors” completely bypassed the very wealthy kingdom of Novgorod and went straight to Catholic Poland and Hungary. The fact that this was a religiously motivated conflict is very clear by analyzing simple authentic chronicles/letters, such as one written by Riccoldo da Monte di Croce (1243 – 1320) where he states that the intentions of the “Tartars/Moguls” is to destroy Christianity. Sounds like a pretty strange aspiration for simple minded central Asian nomads. 

Mongol empire never existed

So how come we call them Mongols and not Tartars? First of all, the original word for Mongol was “Mogul”, which did not mean a designation for a single tribe or people at all. The word mogul simply meant a person or a group of people in position of power, even this etymology has deeper origins. In Russian we have an adjective “Moguchii” which means powerful, the Greek word “Mega” is also a cognate. For instance, the Maghuls (mongols) of India were ethnically Turko-Iranic and had nothing to do with Mongolia. The first edition of Encyclopedia Britannica also mentions the Tibetan “moguleans”. The word mogul simply meant a person or a group of people who in position of power. The N in “MoNgol” was probably the result of the nasal vowels in Old Russian.

Mongol empire never existed

Finally, modern day Mongolians have never called themselves “Mongols” in recorded history. What people know today as present day Mongols (who actually always called themselves only by their tribal names such as Oirat/Khalka) never had any folklore connecting them either Genghis Khan or any empire. The reason why the name Batu Khan might sound non-Russian to some is because it’s an old Russian Pagan title/nickname.

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