Genghis Khan was a man of Aryan origin, without Mongoloid features! 

Official history describes Genghis Khan as a great ruler who was equal parts military genius, political statesman and “bloodthirsty terror”. Rulers of the Matrix have a desperate need to demonize everything connected to Tartaria in order to hide and(or) invert the truth! 

Temujin (officially 1167-1227 AD, but from what I’ve researched, I believe that he lived much longer), better known by his title Genghis Khan (Universal Ruler), was a man of strongly Aryan racial ancestry. 

According to the Persian historian Ab-ul-Ghasi, the tribal clan to which Temujin belonged, were known as the Bourchikoun = Grey-Eyed Men! He also observed that the family of Yesukai, the father of Temujin, were known for the fact that their children had blue or grey eyes.

Temujin himself was noted in Chinese descriptions of him, for his tall stature and heavy beard and blue eyes. 

Description of Temujin’s appearance, as given by Harold Lamb, in his biography of the great Khan:

“He must have been tall, with high shoulders, his skin a whitish tan. His eyes, set far apart under a sloping forehead, did not slant. And his eyes were green, or blue-grey in the iris, with black pupils. Long reddish hair fell in braids to his back.”

Temujin’s wife, Bourtai, bore a name which means “Grey-Eyed”. Read more conspiracy about Genghis Khan’s wife in the photo below.

Genghis Khan

13th-century Persian historian Rashid-ad-Din, referring to the “Complete Description of the Mongol Tatars” of 1221 (whose original disappeared in 14th-century China), wrote that all members of the Borzhigin clan, to which Batu belonged as and his grandfather Genghis Khan, were tall, with long beards, blond/reddish hair and blue/grey eyes.

Based on the archeological data, it has been shown that in the Neolithic and Bronze ages, the population of the western part of North China was not Mongoloid, but Caucasian. Genetics has clarified this: population had the haplogroup R1a1 – Aryan.

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    Vancouver had an exhibition of Genghis Khan. We were told that 3/4 of the world’s population was genetically connected to Genghis.

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