Red Sky, But Why?

There are a disturbing amount of old drawings that have a red sky. The mainstream would say it is a red background, which is true, but why is it so prevalent in so many drawings? It could be to highlight these may have been chaotic times in history, but many of these drawings do not depict violence of any kind. Why would the sky be red?

There are some different theories. Some people are saying the sky turns either red or blue depending on how the world got reset. Could just be a sort of ancient polution. If it is true that the sky is blue because of a certain chemical that is prominent up there, then there could have been another chemical more prominent during this time period.

Many of these paintings are quite extravagant. They clearly had enough money and resources. To think the painters just didn’t have enough of the color blue is preposterous. The red sky on most of these is clearly purposeful.

Inside the Bible, there are the utensils of the tabernacle that, when being transported, need to be covered by three different colored cloths: blue, purple and red.  The same objects were in contact with the “Fogo Santo” or Plasma, the same thing happens with the dome that is in constant contact with the plasma, today it is covered with a blue mantle, it was once red.  Independent researchers associate the changing color of the sky with the reversal of the magnetic poles. Probably the perfect habitat for giants and hybrids.

The empire of Tartary may have been under a red sky.

Comment from Baruch on Telegram

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