The Giant Puppets of Royal De Luxe

What do we see today with the Giant Puppets of Royal De Luxe?

In the giant puppet show, crowds of people form to see and clap for these “puppets”, so how would the giants themselves be among us?

Are they preparing the population to receive them?

Crowds of spectators surrounded the Little Girl Giant at Bebelplatz in Berlin on October 2, 2009.

What are these events showing us where a giant doll is being served by humans?

We can relate the above show to the Egyptian paintings, where giants ruled over humans!

Crowds of people attend the event. Are they instilling in people’s minds that giants are good guys?

giant puppets

Children especially should be fascinated during this performance! And we see that they are not afraid.

giant puppets

Was a family context being passed between them? But in relation to humans, what do we see in history itself as the Egyptians, Sumerians, Mayans and others…?

Giants vs humans!

Giant taking women and enslaving men!

Humans serving the giants.

giant puppets

You can already see that if one day they return, humans, at first, will receive them very well!

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