Information Flows to Unlock the Unknown

Information flows, and each piece, like a key, unlocks the unknown. Information evolves it does not adapt. Though I’m sure elites and politicians wish it could. The laws of the universe, are.

When we learn our past, we understand the future we’re capable of possessing. Old world architecture is just the surface, but through it we can learn the existence of natural energy and natural healing

  • Information is key
  • Information is key
  • Information is key

The removal of mercury in our past has become the missing link to the possession of natural energy in the future. And the removal of bells and pipe organs (sound healing) from the past made frequency and vibration the missing link for health and longevity in our future. 

Both mercury and frequency lived in architectural symbiosis. Frequency would activate mercury’s electrical properties (below) with movement. Specific frequencies and vibrations would be used in order to interact with celestial bodies and the ether. 

Information is key

Tapping into the ionosphere, utilizing it’s healing properties. Negatively charged ions take many forms and are greatly beneficial. Moving water being one. Containing negatively charged ions in abundance, that heal. We will notice the presence of moving water in old world design. I can begin to understand exactly how complete the design of these structural geniuses are. So in touch.



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