“AETHER” Part II: Electricity is a Steady Flow of Ions

Electricity is a steady flow of ions — a flow of electrically charged particles through a substance.

Ions are collected from the ionosphere to create electricity.

The ionosphere is the aether from 50km to about 550km above the Earth.

The rotation of ions in the aether’s electromagnetic field can be converted into vibrations to generate energy.

To make these ions vibrate to create high frequencies of electricity anywhere in space — endlessly and harmless — a resonator (reactor) is required.

  • Electricity steady flow of ions
  • Electricity steady flow of ions
  • Electricity steady flow of ions
  • Electricity steady flow of ions
  • Electricity steady flow of ions

The ‘flowers’ within the small squares (shown in the photo above) are acoustic resonators just like the rose windows.

Symmetrical shapes force ions to vibrate in a constant manner, generating electromagnetic and sound waves of specific frequencies, or selecting specific frequencies from a signal.

A resonator oscillates at electromagnetic or mechanical frequencies, including acoustic ones.

Electricity steady flow of ions

To build a resonator you need highly qualified people, refined engineering, deep knowledge of the matter on subatomic level, purity of materials employed, and heavy financing, according to “Matrix Explained – Knowledge from the Abyss”, by Людин Руси.

ResonaTOR is an ion fusion reacTOR in a TORoidal shape.

TOR = Torus.

A resona-Thor must force elements from the aether to vibrate and save vibrations to create high frequency electricity.

In Germanic mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, protection of mankind, hallowing and fertility.

In Previous Times, the central engine of a resonator could be located in what is now called a baptistery. The structure always has an octagon shape.

The device was a fusion reactor, cooled-powered by a natural spring of living waters under a gold or silver dome.

A tokamak.

The engine heart (tokamak) were located underground.

The Parasites stole our cutting edge technology and sealed the accesses. Not without first destroying us with it.

Aether produces energy from the moment the ions are confined/heated in a torus, forming a highly electrically conductive magnetic field of gases called plasma.

A tokamak fusion device follows the same principle as the octagonal structures of the Previous Civilization, with a single huge difference. 

Our beautiful old buildings were the engines.

Nowadays, horrible engines are inside ugly buildings.

Today’s science is just a useless elaboration, and in some cases a distortion or inversion, of the advanced science of our past.

The required creation of all characters representing the scientists who supposedly have brought science to the current level is the most evident proof that the High Tech of our ancestors is the only science that exists — its invention was never necessary.

If there was no need to hide their existence, there would be no reason to create myths like Tesla and others.

The classic trajectory of ions in a magnetic field is reproduced at the top of some columns — the reason why they are called an ionic capital.

An ionic column describes the ions movement creating a torus and a toroidal vortex.

  • Electricity steady flow of ions
  • Electricity steady flow of ions
  • Electricity steady flow of ions
  • Electricity steady flow of ions
  • Electricity steady flow of ions
  • Electricity steady flow of ions

Aether is the atmosphere water’s ions communicating with Earth water’s ions outside and inside of our body.

The energy that fills and moves the Universe through the interaction of the electromagnetic fields.

Article series is based off the AETHER documentary by Marcia Ramalho.

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