Water Memory and Advanced Energy Transfer

Charging or charged air (water vapor) in this ICE viewpoint is imparting a magnetic memory to the water vapor or the air entering the intake manifold by the action of the Joe Cell charging or imparting a magnetic memory to the entire metallurgy of the ICE.

The same goes for the Lungs. The energy is extracted/absorbed out of the water vapor we call atmosphere in the lungs by the blood which circulates close to the surface of the interior linings of the lung. The exhausted water vapor now has less energy and has the frequency of ‘carbon dioxide’. The blood now re-energised, has energy to distribute around the body (everything is energy, frequency and vibration). We breathe for energy (prana or chi). We eat for energy (prana or chi) and with the invention of the magnetic/electro energized plates in water we can now bathe for energy. With more energy, biological functions can operate at greater efficiency.

From http://www.joecellwaterscience.com/science_2.html on The Joe Cell and Water Science

Water memory may be the key to advanced energy transfer in the human body. This becomes far more plausible when you do not assume the particle theory. If we assume a theory of vibrations that cause most of what is experienced by man, it is easy to understand how a high concentration of CO2 in a sealed room caused by excessive breathing may be the result of the body changing the frequency of the air by means of taking its energy.

If we consider that food and water intake have the same means of giving the body energy as breathing does, it is completely reasonable to infer that someone could go without food or water for the rest of their lives if they had an efficient enough water vaporizer which charges the water sufficiently.

We need water to live, not necessarily to drink however. If we are around a strong water vaporizer, we would technically intake a ton of water just by breathing alone. I remember blasting the AC in the summer as a kid and breathing into it. I got the sensation of breathing in cold water.

What did so many of the old world buildings have in common? No windows originally, just wide open. That was because they used steam heat and it required an open system. You could be anywhere in the building no matter what time of the year and be just fine. Water vapor would have been everywhere around the house, a perfect system to charge.

On the note of water vapor, which assumedly can be charged just like sitting water can, I read a while ago about what was missing from the energy rods, water vapor. I will need to find the text again but if that’s true, then that’s another old world device that uses water vapor.

Also worth noting, look at churches and cathedrals. They were built to resonate, didn’t have glass in their windows originally, and always have holy water inside. If this doesn’t tell you that something is missing from our historical timeline, I don’t know what will.

Old world heating system. Watch the whole thing.

The sun may be electric, not made of hydrogen.

Assuming different theories may lead to a better conclusion. This is why you must never adopt a stuck-up unchanging worldview.

Electricity is magnetic energy. For this reason the older ‘hydrogen into helium’ thermonuclear reaction of the sun, which was theorized after the hydrogen Bomb as this was the only known source of such temperatures, is slowly being replaced by the “Electric Universe’ theory. Until the old proponents of such an outdated Hydrogen Sun theory die, will the students of metaphysics learn they have better evidence to formulate the theories on the construct of the universe.

From http://www.joecellwaterscience.com/science_2.html on The Joe Cell and Water Science

The electric sun theory will never become mainstream under the current political class, but it is completely viable regardless.

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author and entrepreneur best known for his claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto’s hypothesis has evolved over the years of his research. Emoto believed that water takes on the resonance of the energy in which is directed at it (Wikipedia) just as you can stare at someone from behind and they will turn around and look at you; so too does a vessel of water react to the power of thought, prayer, spells, wishes and blessings (holy water). Emoto showed this by taking before and after pictures of the crystalline structure of water, much like a perfect snowflake pattern verses a blob like crystal when one concentrates with a specific intent like ‘love’ over a vessel of water. We need positive thoughts and the investigation of all the phenomena surrounding this Water science. We must understand the concept that water has memory and energy, to overcome a mindset of “treating” not curing sickness because it’s more profitable.

From http://www.joecellwaterscience.com/science_2.html on The Joe Cell and Water Science

Read the book here: https://archive.org/details/the-hidden-messages-in-water-masaru-emoto_202102/mode/2up#

“human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.”

Sound is not subjective. There is absolutely no way that listening to only Cannibal Corpse for the first 18 years of your life is the same as listening to only Mozart for the first 18 years of your life.

“you can stare at someone from behind and they will turn around and look at you”

When you feel like you are being watched, this may be the reason. Consciousness may have an effect on the molecular structure of not only your own, but other’s water inside their bodies.

“so too does a vessel of water react to the power of thought, prayer, spells, wishes and blessings (holy water)”

From http://www.joecellwaterscience.com/science_2.html on The Joe Cell and Water Science

And there it is, the original purpose of churches and cathedrals. When you piece all this together, it is way too obvious. If just human voice can charge water, the number of applications of this are infinite.

And now, here are we come to the biggest concept of all that makes all of this ever more clear.

All old world churches and cathedrals have these huge instruments called organs.

Since you read all the text provided above, you know exactly what this is for. This is the ultimate instrument for molecular balance.

What do we take note of here?

The churches…

  • We’re built to resonate like the inside of a guitar
  • Meant to have music played inside
  • We’re never short of a suspicious water supply
  • Always contained a gigantic organ

It is clear as day that the churches were originally used for health and wellbeing. The “holy water” and the “blessings” were simply misinterpreted as what know today as “faith” when they were originally acoustical healing practices.

As a side note, I read about an old world house a while ago that was said to have a guy playing organ in there from sunrise to sunset every day.

The charge in the water can differ depending on many variables such as the shape of the basin and the transmitter.

Once it is understood that a “magnetic field memory” can be permanently or temporarily imparted to water, and that the resultant “charged” water has unique properties specific to the format of the magnetic field imparted as determined by the shape of the device, one can experiment with all sorts of sizes, shapes and metallurgy of magnetic field generation devices. Every field of human endeavor can be experimented on.

From http://www.joecellwaterscience.com/science_2.html on The Joe Cell and Water Science

In the old world, musicians were said to have been hired by the richest men to compose and perform their material in the manors in which their employers resided. It is entirely possible that they hired these musicians to compose and perform in their mansions because it charged their water and water vapor when they played.

We have all seen the cymatic videos. Now imagine a far more advanced system where entire symphonies would be played and the water in the mansions would shape themselves in complemence to the music. And different music in different keys, scales, timbres, textures, and tempos would change the shape of the cymatics in the water which would charge the water differently, therefore, giving a different sensation to the listener who is not only listening to the music, but inhaling the charged water that the music is charging. Think of it as a whole new way of experiencing music.

This may be the reason that composers like Joseph Haydn were commissioned to write new material over and over again, because each piece would give a different sensation to the listener inhaling the charged water. The question is, what on Earth do these sensations feel like? I guarantee that we all have already experienced this, just in smaller parts. Not only that, the music would technically charge the water already inside our bodies as well. Now imagine listening to music in the greatest room built for acoustics like a cathedral. That assumedly is quite similar to what the people of the old world experienced, but we’d need to turn these buildings back on as well.

Haydn was a Kapellmeister for the Esterházy family for 18 long years before he was even allowed to compose to anyone else. His occupation was so important that he barely went out in public and communicated to other people.

Why were families back then so musically inclined? Everyone studied music. Music was far more important in those days. But why?

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