The Tartaria Genre

I’d like to address some of the intolerant discussions around Tartaria, Architecture, Free Energy and History in general.

There is a focus on the Tartarians, the Moors or “English architecture” and with good reason (just to name a few, don’t start). While some of these buildings DID belong to these groups and were built by these people (and others), I cannot stress enough that this was a universal understanding of, what I’ll call, quantum design + nature. This knowledge made it possible to benefit from this divine energy, and architecture was a major catalyst to absorb and utilize its potential. So to clear this up, this technology, these buildings, NEVER belonged to any ONE nation or dynasty. It was possessed and utilized by ALL. That’s why it’s all over the world. Different styles encompassing the same energetic principles. 

This natural energy was discovered not created, and by whom? We could never know for sure.

Calisphere keystone mast collection Panama Pacific World fair 1906

As humans, don’t we notice that we “genre” things? That’s what people get hung up on, “it’s NOT all Tartaria”. You’re right, but the Tartarian movement has become more of a genre, has it not? A marter even, for hidden history.

As an example, genres like “hip hop” or “rap”, are we talking about rabbits or presents? NO. Do they describe the genre in its entirety? NO. Focusing on details like a name is a simple way of avoiding the big picture, wrap some emotion in there, it’s done, you don’t want to know.

People these days mistake openness and humility as weakness and stupidity. Shaming people out of pride and pressure to think the same things. 

For me, I’m looking for answers 2% of the time. Other 98% I’m taking it ALL in.

Let’s all treat our revelations less like finite and more like water. As they are ever-changing if knowledge is truly flowing in and out. Stay free.

Quantum Design

I had some messages asking me to explain this “quantum design” I was referring to.

As it happens, it is difficult to. And while sources and information on the internet are aplenty, reading something verses the comprehension of it are two entirely different things.

I like talking to humans, we’re so much smarter than the internet as a collective.

I found this in the New York repository in the manuscripts collection, and it really illustrated the invisible geometric nature of these old buildings. As I said, different designs in different regions following the same energetic principles 

Even mass has the potential to generate, making me understand why these places are “mass”ive. I hear this a lot about the Romans and their pillars that “they didn’t quite have their architectural concept down.” Yeah ok, when looking at this as a living space with an over abundance of pillars maybe not. But a generator? The architectural concepts are beyond us.

I turn to Vini for my quantum quandaries:

Q. According to quantum physics, how would mass affect photon absorption? 

A. That would all be dependent on the type of stone. Several types of stones and metals are used for such purposes. Their mass is relative to their vibrational frequency, which is in itself relative to the frequency attempting to be harnessed. Mainly, granite, quartz and limestone, gold and copper, just to list the most common.

Design translation:

The idea of architectural geometry taken from ichnography. That they may pass through the orthography and stage-graph every line. Not only at the center of the circle. But what is arrived at by a triangle and a square, or in any other way, may have its own answer. Then by the proportioned eurythmy, as well as by the ordinary quantity of symmetry and by the work. To show the declaration. To use also these things which come from the German custom will be distributed almost as the sacred building of the cathedral of Milan is open.


New York Public library online digital archives

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