How to erase something from history

Here’s the spoiler: you can’t.

As king of the world with infinite money and power, you’d think that you can erase just about anything you want to. But it is a lot more complicated than that.

The “elite” fantasy of erasing well-known people and things from history is unachievable 99.99% of the time. The only way to do it is to exterminate all witnesses and writers, hoping none of them surface later. Good luck with that. That solution only works in very specific scenarios and time-frames where control of public opinion must be spot on.

What if there was a much easier and safer method of erasing things from history?

Instead of going on a killing spree attempting to destroy all evidence of the existence of something, how about just repurpose it?

For instance, if I was an oligarch, and I didn’t want people to know about buildings that could harness and distribute a form of energy that I can’t monetize, my first (and only) option would not be to go around destroying every single one of these buildings I can find (that is a good idea in the long run however). I would first remove the buildings significance and repurpose it.

Let’s say there was a time when certain buildings were used for health benefits. They sang songs and drank from the special water that was purified by their songs and prayers. They spend too much time in these places. Time that could have been spent working for me.

So as an oligarch, I’d just slowly over time phase-out the significance of the practices among the people and slowly introduce a new population to the area that have never used these buildings and tell them they are a place for faith and “religion”, in our modern sense of the term. I’d control the education of the children and import new children to make sure the population gradually forgets.

The result

This is the result: you get a people that go to church and perform the usual practices, but have completely forgotten the real reason for their traditions. Then, they are stuck in a loop of “I believe this is working” instead of “I know this is working”.

This is how you erase something from history. You cannot “delete” it, you just have to simply change it into something else.

Erase something from history

Think about how much of our current history and knowledge could be a repurposed instance of something much, much greater.

Some that come to mind are cathedrals, spires, prayers, concerts, old palaces, deserts, obsidian mirrors, the entire bible.

It is becoming increasingly obvious as to why Christianity, Catholicism, and similar, have been decreasing in members for the past 50+ years. It is to get people as far away from their original purposes as possible. If they didn’t do that and one day the people from the 99% Catholic European countries got word that many of their practices had a much greater purpose, it would be the worst day for their enemies.

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    You know…. Religion is s**t. It’s just the biggest lie of all….. Designed for wars and to keep people divided. Designed to keep people in fear and never questioning anything. If you’re religious please wise up to their tactics. It’s about CONTROL. Those buildings were originally designed as power stations. Central water electric and communication in one with a greenhouse of plants. This is what I see. It’s all hidden in plain sight. Look closer at the details. Study electricity of 1800 era to now…. Study the symbols. Study the designs. Compare them all. The church killed many many people to retain control and have us pay as slaves to them…. And that continues today. Do not underestimate their ability to repurpose and redesign the past. It has been done many times over as soon as they get caught. Through time designs match. Example…. Eagle, Moon, Star, Phoenix. Objects in top of poles. Compare. Same purpose…. Energy harvesting. You have to complete the circuit to ground to make it work. A simple flagpole connected correctly and carefully on a trickle charge to a battery. I don’t think it’s hard…. If anything it’s so simple we overlook the obvious.

    • 2

      Well said. The author is a total slave to the enemy program (Abrahamic religion). Tartaria was fighting a war against Christianity, read the article on this website called “The Mongol Empire Never Existed” (it was written by me though I am a guest author), I briefly explain between who the war was, and I go further in depth regarding the enemy program of Christianity on my channel
      P.S. The Jws God of the Old Testament is an extraterrestrial parasite who hates human beings and demands human sacrifice throughout the Bible. Everything the Jws accuse Lucifer of doing (the liberator) is actually a projection of their own “God”.

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