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Kolbrin Wisdom – MAN:5:3

February 28

The Earth was troubled and shook, the hills and mountains moved and rocked. The dark smoke-filled Heavens bowed over Earth, and a great howl came to the ears of living men, borne to them upon the wings of the wind. It was the cry of the Dark Lord, the Master of Dread. Thick clouds of fiery smoke passed before him, and there was an awful hail of hot stones and coals of fire. The Doomshape thundered shrapnel in the Heavans and shot out bright lightenings. The channels of water were turned back unto themselves when the land tilted, and great trees were tossed about and snapped like twigs. Then, a voice like ten thousand trumpets was heard over the wilderness, and before its burning breath, the flames parted. The whole of the land moved, and mountains melted. The sky itself roared like ten thousand lions in agony, and bright arrows of blood sped back and forth across its face. Earth swelled up like bread upon the hearth.

The Kolbrin, Book of Manuscripts (MAN:5:3)


February 28
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