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Kolbrin Wisdom – MAN:30:7-9

January 20

“The silent strength hidden in the heart of the land, the spirit of its life, the secret of The One God has not been sufficient. Men have failed to bear up under the blows of misfortune; the calamities have overwhelmed them; their wills and spirits are weak. Alone of all in the land, the Devoted in God remain firm and stout-hearted. Yet, wickedness covers the land, as waters at their rising.

This is the testing time for men. This is the trial of their strength, but their frailty is established and they fail and fall. Those who should be resolute and firm, to maintain the order of things, are weak and faint of heart. They are weaklings, their wickedness has eaten their manhood. Like the people, the seek naught but the easy way. Their desire is to live in ease and comfort, untroubled by the times. They care not that greatness has departed from the land.

Affliction besets men on all sides, it encompasses their days. In the morning they open their eyes to tribulation and suffer it the whole length of the day. The rich man robs the poor, the strong oppresses the weak. The unprotected virgin is seduced, the widow is ravished and the orphan defiled. Greed and lust range wide through the land. It is a time of heart-testing.”

The Kolbrin, Book of Manuscripts (MAN:30:7-9)


January 20
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