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Kolbrin Wisdom – CRT:7:4

To this and similar parts of the Otherworld, the wicked would be drawn when they passed through the grim gates of death. But Habaris taught a different conception of wickedness, one where lack of effort, indolence and indifference to duty and obligations, the taking of the easy path, were just as wrong as actual deeds […]

Kolbrin Wisdom – CRT:7:3

Herthew learned that there was a place of gloom, where the air was foul, and malodorous breezes carried pestilence and poisonous particles. This was the source of all maladies and ailments and of the things which cause putrefaction and decay. This place had been closed off from Earth, for it existed in another realm beyond […]

Kolbrin Wisdom – CRT:7:13

"To create, God first visualised in thought, then He produced an outflowing wave of power, which, in a manner of speaking, solidified what might be called building stones. The outflowing power also produced the Celestial Hymn, which brought the building stones together in harmonious forms. So it is truly said that all creation is the […]