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Kolbrin Wisdom – WSD:2:3

February 15

“After every calamity, a man should review the words he has spoken and the things he has done, for perhaps what has befallen him is only the result of incautions words or the outcome of foolish deeds. Chastisement is a necessity of earthly life. If it did not follow a wrongdoing, how could a child ever learn the difference between right and wrong? The chastisements of men spring from Divine Love alone, for through suffering comes sympathy and through tribulation comes understanding. The man who can cheerfully accept affliction, knowing its true purpose, is one who has learned one of the deepest secrets of life. No man is afflicted beyond his endurance, for the cold blasts of calamity are always tempered to his weakness. Only the strong and chosen are called upon to carry the heavy burdens, for the strong runner does not care if the wind is against him.”

The Kolbrin, Book of Wisdom (WSD:2:3)


February 15
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