Architecture Germany

The Founding of Trier

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Trebeta was the son of the legendary Assyrian king, Ninus (Nimrod), and a Chaldean queen. His stepmother later became Queen Semiramis. They set after her stepson, so that he fled […]

Africa Amanita Folklore Hybrids

Bigfoot in Africa

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Deep in the Knysna forest on the Southern tip of Africa, there roams an elusive group of wild elephant, long believed to be extinct by the local population, and hence […]

Old World Statues

A Bride Turned to Stone

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To the Editor of the Sun: SIR: There have been so many comments in the papers, and I receive so many letters which it is impossible for me to answer, […]

Art Paintings The Exaltation of Beauty

The Enchanted Castle

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Threatened with marriage to a monster Psyche, a mortal, is blown away by the West Wind. She awakens near a magical palace and falls in love with Cupid. He makes Psyche promise not to look at his divine face, but she breaks this promise and Cupid abandons her.