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Pegasus Flies Templar Flag

Finding Synchronicities… As we examine the clues of human history, it becomes glaringly obvious that religious belief systems and places of worship have been a prevailing factor in most cultures […]

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Buildings of Resonance

Whether its giant pyramids, gothic cathedrals, ancient temples or old Britannica style buildings, many of us are fascinated by the impressive feats of architecture devised by our ancestors. They bequeathed unto […]

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The London Eye Spy Codes!

Innocent tourist attraction or covert code messenger? What is hiding in plain sight at the London Eye? This gargantuan Ferris wheel is the last thing I was expecting to be […]

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Shakespeare: Fact or Fiction? Part 5

A most warm welcome back, dear reader, to this, our final episode in the Shakespeare saga series. And what a journey it’s been. From London to Stratford-upon-Avon, to the great […]

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Shakespeare: Fact Or Fiction? Part 4

A warm welcome back dear reader. So, what do we all think of the pyramids of Giza making an appearance in our trusty sonnet title page? Intriguing, no? Following on […]

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Shakespeare: Fact Or Fiction? Part 3

Shakespeare on location, where to next? If one has been following the trail thus far and has returned for more, then may I extend to all a very a warm […]

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Shakespeare: Fact Or Fiction? Part 2 

How far down does this rabbit hole actually go? The plot thickens!!! Welcome back dear reader! Before we embark on the next leg of our treasure hunt, I must first caveat this article with […]

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Who Was William Shakespeare: Fact Or Fiction?

Did William Shakespeare really write his plays? If not him, then who, and why hide behind a pseudonym? Did William Shakespeare even truly exist? This is a rather endearing and […]

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