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Memoirs and Critical Observations: A Warm North Pole?

Memoirs and Critical Observations concerning the situation of the northern regions of Asia and America, according to the latest discoveries; shewing the great probability of there being a passage to the East Indies, through the North East Sea. Lausanne.

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“AETHER” Part 3: Power Generating Plants as Unparalleled Works of Art

Our Previous Civilization was so advanced that they built its power generating plants as unparalleled works of art. All main buildings from our Ancient Civilization worked as energy resonator-generator, transforming […]

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“AETHER” Part 2: Electricity is a Steady Flow of Ions

Electricity is a steady flow of ions — a flow of electrically charged particles through a substance. Ions are collected from the ionosphere to create electricity. The ionosphere is the […]

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The Founding of Trier

Trebeta was the son of the legendary Assyrian king, Ninus (Nimrod), and a Chaldean queen. His stepmother later became Queen Semiramis. They set after her stepson, so that he fled […]

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“AETHER”: The Water Which Connects Everything

The high civilization called Tartary was destroyed in the 20th century through floods, energy weapons, scheduled mass exterminations, and epidemics. All the architecture and technology was then stolen and passed […]

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A Bride Turned to Stone

To the Editor of the Sun: SIR: There have been so many comments in the papers, and I receive so many letters which it is impossible for me to answer, […]

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The Cherry Blossom Star Fort – Goryokaku Tower

2023 Hokkaido Flower Season, Japan The cherry blossoms at the Hakodate Flower Attraction, Goryokaku Tower, and the Yoshino cherry blossom benchmark tree at Hokkaido Shrine in Sapporo, are officially in […]

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The Enchanted Castle

Threatened with marriage to a monster Psyche, a mortal, is blown away by the West Wind. She awakens near a magical palace and falls in love with Cupid. He makes Psyche promise not to look at his divine face, but she breaks this promise and Cupid abandons her.

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Tomio Maruyama 

In the burial mound of Tomio Maruyama from the second half of the 4th century, the largest iron sword ever found and the largest bronze mirror were discovered – objects […]

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The Mongol Empire Was a Myth Invented In 1908

The Mongol Empire was a myth invented in 1908 by a Mongol Nationalist named Baavuday Tsend Gun. The book The Secret History of the Mongols was a literary work allegedly […]

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