When was the Lincoln Memorial Actually Built?

So here we have two photos of the Lincoln Memorial, the one with grass and landscape is dated 1917, and the one as a barren gutted scape is dated 1920. 

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Information Flows to Unlock the Unknown

Information flows, and each piece, like a key, unlocks the unknown. Information evolves it does not adapt. Though I’m sure elites and politicians wish it could. The laws of the […]

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The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone, 16th century alchemy scroll. In the ancient science of Alchemy, it seems that Philosophers and Alchemy went hand in hand. Many Alchemists sought after the Philosopher’s Stone, […]

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Frisland? Frislanda, Friesland. Meaning Free Land. Major city looks like Cabaru and Baras? Mid 1600s. I find it hard accepting that these detailed, unanimous, cartography depictions of islands with major […]

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The Tartaria Genre

I’d like to address some of the intolerant discussions around Tartaria, Architecture, Free Energy and History in general. There is a focus on the Tartarians, the Moors or “English architecture” […]

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