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Modern Red Sky: Out of Blue Paint?

Oregon, EUA, September 9, 2020 Today, in various corners of the world there are signs where the sky is completely red. Was the stock of blue paint gone? On May 7, […]

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Blue Skin, Deity or Nephilim?

Deity Yama has blue skin colour, and there are many other deities with this characteristic. Huītzilōpōchtli, Num, Hapi, Kali, Yama, Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu Amon-Ra and other deities are depicted […]

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The Castle of Rovasenda’s Sky

The abandoned ‘Castello Nuovo di Rovasenda‘, the Castle of Rovasenda, seems to have been built in medieval times, however, it is not that old. In fact, it was built in […]

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Surrounded by Bones

On the European continent we find churches and small chapels surrounded by bones. For such “ornamentation” the Controllers offer several explanations. However, we will make a different reflection on the […]

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The Giant Puppets of Royal De Luxe

What do we see today with the Giant Puppets of Royal De Luxe? In the giant puppet show, crowds of people form to see and clap for these “puppets”, so […]

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Fireplaces That Do Not Burn Wood

An interesting aspect of these elaborate mansions and palaces are that the fireplaces that do not burn wood. While at first glance it looks like a normal fireplace, further inspection […]

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Today, unicorns are symbols for sweet and gentle things, but in the Middle Ages it was a beast humanly found impossible to hunt. A being with supernatural powers, strong and […]

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