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The Enchanted Island of Hy-Brasil

The island of Hy-Brasil was often shown on maps as a very small island west of Ireland and originated from Celtic mythology. As early as the 12th century, the Irish believed in the existence of an enchanted island that could be viewed along the west coast of Ireland once every seven years.

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How Long Does Petrification Take?

A German sailor found dead on a yacht drifting in the Philippine Sea started to fossilize. After an autopsy was completed it was concluded the sailor had been dead about a week. 

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The Horns of Moses: An Error Due to Translation?

Did Michelangelo really make an error due to translation? I guess we’ll never really know. Art historians love to debate the horns of Moses. Michelangelo’s famous statue of Moses at Saint […]

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The Seventh

The seventh son or seventh daughter is the belief in Irish folklore that special powers are given to the seventh born from an unbroken family line of the same gender. […]

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The Timurid Empire

Timur, was a 14th Century Turko-Mongol military leader who founded the Timurid Empire in and around modern-day Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia, becoming the first ruler of the Timurid dynasty.  […]

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