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Old World vs New World – Before and After Gallery

Welcome to our first Gallery Article. Since the great year of change in 2020, we have amassed over 600 before and after photos in our archive. We have reviewed each […]

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Star Fort: Bourtange, Holland

As we continue on our quest for these amazing star-shaped islands, we next head to the flat lands southeast of Groningen, Netherlands, to the town of Bourtange, resting along the […]

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TB vs AI: The Introduction

As of late, a popular AI Chat system has become a bit of a buzzword. When we first heard about it, the first thought we had was that, logically, this […]

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Las Lajas Sanctuary – What You Don’t Know!

Introduction Photos of this amazing structure, Santuario de Las Lajas or the Las Lajas Sanctuary, likes to make its way around on social media. We ourselves have run posts on […]

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TB vs AI: Turgot’s Map – 1739

What do you know about Turgot’s Map from 1739? From how high up was the perspective drawn? Did Michel-Etienne Turgot use a balloon or floating device to draw this perspective?

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The Piano Maker’s Tool Box

Commonly known as the Studley Tool Chest, this intricate showcase of craftsmanship was created by master carpenter and stonemason Henry O. Studley. Studley was born in 1838 in Boston and […]

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Mudflood Theory Part 3: Theory or Fact?

7-minute read, 29 photos, 2 videos We send out our TB reporter. After spending many hours endlessly scrolling through the Tartaria Britannica archive, we realized it was time to actually […]

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Houseboats of the Past

Houseboats were extremely popular in the 1800s. As is so often the case even in our modern times, such luxuries were mainly reserved for the aristocracy and upper middle class. […]

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Green Dragon in the Sky

Title image courtesy of NASA/Dan Bartlett According to NASA (or Nasha’, defined as “to beguile, deceive”), we will all be able to see a very rare comet in the sky […]

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Mudflood Theory Part 2: What To Look For

In this article, we will look at the results of the last potential mudflood, and what to look for when searching for evidence of these past events. As we move […]

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