The Dragon of Crystal Mountain

The Crystal Mountain (28 26’E & 27 39’N) lies between the oasis Bahariya & Farafra, north of the White  Desert in Egypt. The crystals that are found all over, mainly […]

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Bigfoot in Africa

Deep in the Knysna forest on the Southern tip of Africa, there roams an elusive group of wild elephant, long believed to be extinct by the local population, and hence […]

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The Sounds Of Sasquatch

Have you ever heard a sound in the forest that doesn’t seem natural or normal? If you have, you would be one of many who have heard these screams or […]

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The History of Bigfoot

There is a mysterious hairy bipedal creature that roams the forests of this world. Known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Old Red Eyes, Skunk Ape, Wildman, Wodewose, Otang, Basajaun, Yowie, and […]

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