• A self-gravitating transdimensional consciousness
  • A totality without separateness
  • A superabundance of endless creative possibilities
  • A multidimensional interactive software
  • An aetheric continuum with discontinuities of alternating emptiness
  • Light, sound and form
  • Symmetry, antisymmetry and chaos
  • A hologram
  • A polyamplituhedral topological dynamics
  • Quantum fluctuations
  • Dark/negative matter, filaments/strings and velocity fields
  • Overlapping waves

According to the elementary logic matrix, they make you believe that reality is only unilocality, causality, continuity and determinism (classical Newtonian paradigm, incomplete).

Reality is a function of consciousness, omnitemporal, multidirectional, multilocal and indeterministic; consciousness creates reality!!

Full credit to Agni from HERMES CONNECTION
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