The White House Debunked!

It’s Ancient Buried, Semi-Buried and Un-buried Original First Floor!

  • First Floor Covered c. 2022
  • First Floor Semi-Buried c. 1830
  • First Floor Completely Visible c. 1792

The White House presents an interesting case for original buried first floors — not “basement windows”, as some Reddit “debunkers” love to call them.

In this series of historical images we can see a very different story, an untold reality that debunks the earlier mentioned posture by ancient American civilization deniers.

Notice the original first floor, unburied and perfectly visible. The detail on the underpinning of the façade, meaning the first floor, was just that, a floor and not a basement. You can see the full size windows and main door for the original floor before the renovation. The columns and bridge weren’t part of the original design. It’s possible the window frames and façade was part of the original structure and the second and third floors were added later on if this was found (founded) or refurbished.

The White House had a devastating fire, of course, the same as many of these old world buildings. It has been through renovations, refurbishments, has been gutted and had been through many embellishments throughout the years.

None of it explains why it had a fully functional first floor originally that was later semi-buried, and now is partially invisible and hidden from the public. Notice it’s fully functional door with its side windows on each side in the images below.

Then notice how, for some mysterious reason, this original and functional first floor gets semi-buried (see images below). Notice how we can still see the huge windows but now only half way visible — semi-buried.

And finally, in the photo of the present day White House notice how the first floor is virtually invisible — still in use but hidden from most eyes.

The White House

Why was the first floor semi-buried at some point? Why is it not part of the typical “White House Image” anymore even when it’s in use? Why was it perfectly visible originally?

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