The Tartarian Empire

The Tartarian empire was massive.

With an emperor with a reputation to match. “Tamerlane emperor of Tartaric called the wrath of God and terrour of the world”. It also mentions he had armies of over 100,000 so very powerful.

Tartare. Tartary. Tartarie. Tartar. The Tartars seemed to be called many different names depending on region: “Schinica Tartarie”, “Scytico Tartarie”, “Noga Tartarie” in some maps, and “Scianbani Tartarie”, “Tartarie of gold”?, “Eastern Tartarie”, “Western Tartarie”, “Desert Tartarie”, and “Northern Tartarie” in others. So there were many branches, ones even reaching out to North America.

Asia in relation to North America is actually pretty close. It seems the Tartarians crossed through the Straight of Anion to enter North America to establish territories in these days of old.

Not until recently after drifting to the New York and London historical archives did I find more documents about the Tartary of North America, but not many.

I think the engraved illustration in the photo above gives me more insight. Reading that the Turks, Tartars and others were to be “extracted from history”.

The 14th century seemed to be hard times for the Tartarians.

Perhaps the colonization of North America wasn’t a choice.

Leaving Asia doesn’t seem ideal. The Tartary were well connected with good alliances (or greatly feared). In some texts, in certain areas the Tartars were under the protection of either the Mongols or Chinese.

How the mighty have fallen, and mighty some of them were, like northern Tartary depicted as giants, unique and unusual peoples.

Today we celebrate your mystery and you will not be forgotten.


The New York Public Library
University College London
Calisphere Archives

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