The Radium Girls were factory workers who apparently contacted radiation poisoning from painting watch dials with self-luminous radium paint. This story is used to demonize radium and make it look like it’s a dangerous chemical when in fact it’s a mineral that exists everywhere, even in some of the food we eat. The idea claims that 50 out of 4,000 factory watch dial workers died from radium radiation poisoning. But is that really what actually happened? Did these girls really die from radium radiation? Join us in this article to learn what actually happened.

The Truth About Radium

During the 20th century, radium was very popular in medicine, so much so that it was called the secret of life!!! The use of radium in medicine became so common that every kind of disease was treated by radium therapy: not only breast cancer, but also diabetes, sciatica, uraemia, rheumatism, and even impotence! Radium was used in medicine for more than 25 years. During this time people didn’t just use radium for medicine, but rather it was used as food seasoning, mixing it with food, heating purposes, and cosmetics. This however would cause a huge problem for the Rockefellers who owned the oil companies and wanted to make petroleum based medicine to destroy people’s health and profit from it.

Radium Girls propaganda and big pharma Radium demonization

Radium was used in more than 25 years for healing and many other purposes. How was it that no one ever got contaminated by radium in all these years? Instead, radium was praised for its healing purposes. Yet out of nowhere the Radium Girls story comes out and demonizes radium, and just like that everyone stops using radium. The Radium Girls story was nothing but propaganda made by the robber barons to scare people from using it, so they can push their petroleum based medicine and call any alternative medicine that goes against their medicine “Quackery”. Upon looking closely at the stories of Radium Girls, you’ll find that these girls actually died from syphilis and not radium, as the doctors never claimed that these girls died from such a claim. In fact, you’ll find that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that anyone has died from radium.

Syphilis: A bacterial infection usually spread by sexual contact that starts as a painless sore. Syphilis develops in stages, and symptoms vary with each stage.

When you read the story from Britannica you’ll find that there were many accusations on the radium company that made the company run it’s own tests, by commissioning their own studies on radium and in which they proved that radium was safe.

Radium actually comes from uranium. Uranium has been proven to be safe by Galen Winser who was a nuclear physicist debunking the nuclear hoax by eating it and demonstrating how safe it is. You can see him doing so in this video below:

These so called “images” of radium causing horrible health problems in people is nothing but fake lies and have different stories behind them. The horrific picture of a guy with no jaw is actually a WWI soldier who lost his jaw during the war. The other picture of a guy with a swollen jaw is from a disease called “phossy jaw” which was a disease people would get from working in factories due to exposure of white phosphorus during the manufacturing of matches. These pictures are usually claimed to be of a person by the name of “Eben Byers” who apparently took a medicine called “Radithor” which was simply radium dissolved in water, and lost his jaw, which is a lie. How is it that he lost his jaw, but the substance didn’t dissolve his insides and killing him before losing his jaw? All these claims are filled with holes and are clear lies, that have no evidence, just to demonize a natural mineral that already is part of our body and exists everywhere even in the food we eat. 

We encourage people to do their research on this topic, because it is a fairly new topic that needs further investigation to expose all the lies that are made on radium and uranium!!!

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