The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone, 16th century alchemy scroll.

In the ancient science of Alchemy, it seems that Philosophers and Alchemy went hand in hand.

Many Alchemists sought after the Philosopher’s Stone, which from my understanding is a mythical stone that transforms common metals into precious ones. 

Achieving this is like reaching Enlightenment for Alchemists of the old world.

Before I jump to conclusions, which happens when I see gruesomely slow sacrificial elements, I have to remember in my reading they seem to use lot of symbolism, analogies and strange riddles to describe life philosophically and physical processes. I only hope I’m misinterpreting some of the imaginary here.

This is the second page to the scrolls, being that there were two. I included the decipherable text which talks about the stages of the stone, most of the words are brushed off.

I was surprised to see something from the 1500s in plain English to observe and shudder at the tales of the Philosopher’s Stone.



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