The Marginalization of Radium (Ra): Part II

As we have seen, radium is a chemical element with symbol Ra, an atomic number 88 with an atomic mass of 226 u, and belongs to the family of alkaline earth metals, group 2 or IIA of the periodic classification of elements. At room temperature, radium is in a solid state.

Ra is also one of the names of the Egyptian sun god, Ra. One that heats and provides energy.

Did the Egyptians use this chemical element?

We also saw that these fireplaces worked with only a small amount of radium, heating the whole environment.

marginalization of ra

People from the past never would have thought that radium would not still be used today.

These pans didn’t need a fire to heat the food.

Note that the lower left corner of the cover — where the additional information about the company or at least its address was printed — was torn off before the cover was mounted on the notebook. Consequently, the printed listing of this print recorded in the Official Gazette is the only source that gives the company’s name and location.

Although an “X” was clearly intended, the use of the salt cross is somewhat ironic, as the symbol is now used in Europe as a standard sign for harmful or irritating chemicals. This leads, of course, to the immediate question of whether any radium was actually added into the clay used to make these cookware. It is highly unlikely that it was a natural constituent of fire clay.

Fortunately, a simple Geiger counter test by Dale Gnidovec, curator at the Orton Geological Museum at Ohio State University, revealed only normal background radiation. Unfortunately, there is no indication on the cookware or mixing bowls who actually made the stoneware vessels for Griswold. And that question promises to be unanswerable, for no further information about X-Radium Cooking Utensil Co. from Cincinnati can be found.

marginalization of ra


OUR VITA RADIUM SUPPOSITORIES (HIGH STRENGTH) are one of the outstanding triumphs of Radium Science. These Suppositories are guaranteed to contain REAL RADIUM — in exact amount for most beneficial effect. They are inserted per rectum, one each night, this being one of the several practical and successful ways of introducing Radium into the system.

After insertion, the Suppository quickly dissolves and the Radium is absorbed by the walls of the colon; then, within a few minutes, it enters the blood stream and traverses the entire body. Every tissue, every organ of the body is bombarded by its health-giving electric atoms. Thus the use of these Suppositories has an effect on the human body like recharging has on an electric battery.

And remember, Radium taken into the system remains for months, continuing its curative, restorative work. Thus, the effects are NOT merely temporary.

VITA RADIUM SUPPOSITORIES are guaranteed to be non-injurious — they are perfectly safe for anyone to use. Their action is due solely to the Radium contained therein.

marginalization of ra

Radium is Restoring HEALTH to Thousands

No medicine or drugs. Just a light, small, comfortable inexpensive Radio-Active Pad, worn on the back by day and over the stomach at night.Sold on trial. You can be sure it is helping you before you buy it. Over 150,000 sold on this plan. Thousands have written us that it healed them of Neuritis, Rheumatism, High Blood Pressure, Constipation, Nervous Prostration, Asthma and other respiratory disorders, Heart, Liver, Kidney and Bladder trouble, etc. No matter what you have tried, or what your trouble may be, try Degnen’s Radio-Active Solar Pad at our risk. Write today for Trial offer and descriptive literature.


(Established 1916)

2103 Bradbury Building Los Angeles, Calif.

marginalization of ra
marginalization of ra

Radioactive underwear.


marginalization of ra

Through its purity, softness and hygienic properties, it protects against skin damage and prepares the way for applications of THO-RADIA cream and powder. Recommended for the toilet of babies.

marginalization of ra

Bar soap.

Soft drinks.

Irradiated water.



marginalization of ra

Fish bait.

Yarn made with radium cotton and wool to make clothes.

marginalization of ra

Radium stove, no need for gas or firewood to heat food.

These fireplaces were created to run on free energy.

Where is the chimney of this fireplace? That’s right, it doesn’t exist! The fireplace was created to function on the basis of radium or another element that does not emanate smoke.

Note that the fireplace has no charcoal marks and all had metallic objects.

These containers possibly contained a small amount of Radium for the purpose of heating the room.

* Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Not medical advice.

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