Innocent tourist attraction or covert code messenger?

What is hiding in plain sight at the London Eye?

This gargantuan Ferris wheel is the last thing I was expecting to be reporting on, and quite the accidental find. Take this as a warning fellow truth seeker, when one immerses themselves in code cracking, before long the eye becomes acutely trained in spotting these things everywhere they show up.

The following is a random little discovery that I thought I’d share. While out feeding my curiosity on the latest treasure hunt, I was led to London’s Southbank. I found my eye drawn, not to the usual beautiful buildings of old London town, full of wonder and unanswered questions, but to something rather more modern, and to my mind far less attractive, the London Eye.

London eye spy codes
Original Image – The Secret Historian

I’d not really paid it much attention before, but now, something was niggling me about it. So, I decided to follow my intrigue and began looking into the stats of the All-Seeing London Eye. I noticed some interesting numbers appear, well, one number in particular to be more precise.

Remember it’s always hidden in plain sight!!!

The London Eye is 443 feet high which equates to 135 meters. 


1+3+5= 9

The circumference is 1,392 feet which equates to 424.2816 meters… 


4+2+4+2+8+1+6= 27 

2+7= 9

A ride on the eye takes 30 mins at a speed of 0.6 miles an hour.

30 06

3+0+0+6= 9

Speed x Time = Distance so 0.5 hrs x 0.6 mph = 0.18 miles 


1+8= 9

At the time of opening, renting a private pod would cost £360.


3+6+0= 9

The wheel admitted its first passengers on March 9th… Day 9 of month 3

London eye spy codes
Close up of a Pod.

The Eye’s capsules are numbered 1- 33 missing out the number 13. The number 13 is considered unlucky for a certain group of people in particular, this same group also hold the number 33 in high regard. So, we are left with 32 capsules. To find out how far apart each capsule is, we take 360* divided by 32 = 11.25*


1+1+2+5= 9

So, in summery we have an abundance of nines. How very interesting!

So, what’s so special about the number 9?

Intrinsically connected to the number 3, the number 9, being 3 x 3, is also considered a magic and sacred number. It amplifies the power of 3. It is the last single digit number, thus contains all numbers, 1-9 within it. Because of this, there is an air of completion and fulfillment about it.

The Hindu god of creation, Lord Brahma is also represented by the number 9, due to its sense of completion and wholeness. Egyptian mythology holds the Great Ennead, a group of 9 deities worshiped at the Heliopolis, to include Ra, Isis and Osiris.

In sacred geometry the number 9 is considered the triad of the triads, otherwise known as the Ennead. The Pythagoreans acknowledged the sacred nature of the Ennead as the first square of an odd number. The Viking god Oden ruled over the Nine realms of Norse. Practitioners of magic and ‘spelling’ believe repeating a spell 3 times enhances its potency but repeating it 3 x 3 unleashes its ultimate power.

The Ennead Symbol

Numbers speak their own language on so many levels. Each culture, secret society or religious group has used them to express or encode their beliefs in one way or another. We can see common threads connecting each group’s interpretation however. The immutable, universal language of numbers, ever-present and making itself heard.

The number nine appears to be a most sacred and divine number across cultures and eons. The ultimate, amplified, super charged 3, all encoded into the London Eye. I wonder who is really behind all the 9’s encoded into the dimensions of the London Eye? Which group of people love a 3 and consider the number 13 unlucky? Hmmm? Do let me know if I’ve missed anything in the comment section or in the Enigma Realm Channel on Telegram.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

London eye spy codes
Original Image – The Secret Historian

By The Secret Historian

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