The Disappearance of the Giant Russian Girl

Elizaveta Lysko was born in the small town of Krasnokutsk near Novocherkassk in 1877.

At first she was a completely ordinary girl. But after three years she began to grow “by leaps and bounds.” Scientists who were interested in the giant girl noted that at the age of 11, Elizabeth played with dolls with other children, but at the same time she had a height of more than 3 arshins (2.32 meters) and weighed 287 pounds (130 kg).

They wrote a lot about her, calling her “a miracle giant”, “a giant maiden”. In Moscow, Lisa was at a reception with Prince Dolgorukov.

After success in Russia, her uncle took her on a foreign tour. Elizabeth was capable of learning, and during her travels she mastered languages: she knew English and German quite well. In 1889, Lisa and her uncle visited Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, and then visited the cities of Great Britain: London, Liverpool and Manchester. In 1893, Elizabeth walked along the streets of Italy – Naples, Rome, Milan, then visited Zurich, Munich and Vienna.

Lisa was surprisingly good for her height, as she did not suffer from gigantism, a common disease of very tall people.

This evidence was confirmed in Berlin in 1893.

the giant Russian girl

In Leipzig, Elizabeth was introduced to the Anthropological Society and received a certificate that she was “an exceptional phenomenon in the world.”

There, a forecast was made about its further development by Professor Rudolf Virchow. It was disappointing – the girl should grow another 13 vershoks (58 centimeters), that is, reach almost 3 meters!

But Lisa’s further fate is unknown; they say that she died under mysterious circumstances at the age of 17 somewhere abroad.

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