Mudflood Season Two Water

“AETHER” Part IV: Cyber Steam Civilization & Mudfloods

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To produce energy to feed the entire world, our Previous Civilization would use the most economical, abundant and clean element in the world. The water. The steam of water. We were the Cyber Steam Civilization.

Antiquitech Architecture Season One

Information Flows to Unlock the Unknown

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Information flows, and each piece, like a key, unlocks the unknown. Information evolves it does not adapt. Though I’m sure elites and politicians wish it could. The laws of the […]

Architecture Energy Season One

“AETHER” Part II: Electricity is a Steady Flow of Ions

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Electricity is a steady flow of ions — a flow of electrically charged particles through a substance. Ions are collected from the ionosphere to create electricity. The ionosphere is the […]

Architecture Season One Water

“AETHER”: The Water Which Connects Everything

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Aether is the material supposed to fill the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. In mythology, it was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, […]

Season One Statues

A Bride Turned to Stone

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There have been so many comments in the papers, and I receive so many letters which it is impossible for me to answer, in reference to the curious case of petrification which recently came under my notice, that I am constrained to write an account of the whole affair, giving at the same time my hypothesis as explanatory of the rationale.

Electroculture Season One Water

Magnetized Structured Water – Fad, Fact or Fiction?

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Magnetized structured water has been a topic of interest in horticulture for several years, with many studies pointing to its potential benefits for plant growth and development. French scientist Louis […]

Antiquitech Old World Season One

Water Memory and Advanced Energy Transfer

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Charging or charged air (water vapor) in this ICE viewpoint is imparting a magnetic memory to the water vapor or the air entering the intake manifold by the action of […]

Old World Origins Season One

How to Erase Something From History

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How to erase something from history Here’s the spoiler: you can’t. As king of the world with infinite money and power, you’d think that you can erase just about anything […]