Ancient Civilizations Cultures and Societies Season Two

The Works of Old Men in the Jordanian Black Desert

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We were delighted to receive a contact from Mrs Sánchez and her team who are currently recruiting to expand their team of experts to further their vital research into the […]

Season One Unexplained Phenomena Unsolved Mysteries

The Art of Human Petrification

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Petrification is said to be “the process by which organic matter exposed to minerals over a long period is turned into a stony substance” according to the Oxford Dictionary. Most […]

Mythical Tales Mythology Season One

A Bride Turned to Stone

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There have been so many comments in the papers, and I receive so many letters which it is impossible for me to answer, in reference to the curious case of petrification which recently came under my notice, that I am constrained to write an account of the whole affair, giving at the same time my hypothesis as explanatory of the rationale.