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“AETHER” Part II: Electricity is a Steady Flow of Ions

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Electricity is a steady flow of ions — a flow of electrically charged particles through a substance. Ions are collected from the ionosphere to create electricity. The ionosphere is the […]

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“AETHER”: The Water Which Connects Everything

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The high civilization called Tartary was destroyed in the 20th century through floods, energy weapons, scheduled mass exterminations, and epidemics. All the architecture and technology was then stolen and passed […]

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Magnetized Structured Water – Fad, Fact or Fiction?

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Magnetized structured water has been a topic of interest in horticulture for several years, with many studies pointing to its potential benefits for plant growth and development. French scientist Louis […]

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We Know They Harnessed Power, But How?

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We know they harnessed power, but how? Catching photon absorption on film has become a quantum quandary. I don’t know very much about quantum physics, but when we peel back […]