Dragons Egypt Realm Season Two

The Dragon of Crystal Mountain

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The Crystal Mountain (28 26’E & 27 39’N) lies between the oasis Bahariya & Farafra, north of the White  Desert in Egypt. The crystals that are found all over, mainly […]

Season One Statues

A Bride Turned to Stone

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There have been so many comments in the papers, and I receive so many letters which it is impossible for me to answer, in reference to the curious case of petrification which recently came under my notice, that I am constrained to write an account of the whole affair, giving at the same time my hypothesis as explanatory of the rationale.

Artifacts Beyond the Veil Season One

The Spirit Mirror

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A renaissance polymath whose interests ranged from astronomy to astrology, alchemy and math, John Dee advised the queen from the start of her reign in 1558 to the 1570s. As court astrologer […]