Artifacts Beyond the Veil Season Two

Mirrors as Portals to Other Worlds?

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The Maya believed there were multiple worlds in addition to the human world: an upperworld, underworld, primordial sea, and Xibalba. Portals connected these worlds and allowed active engagement between the Maya and their gods, which was fundamental to their belief system. Evidence suggests the Maya believed that reflective surfaces (mirrors) were portals to spiritual worlds.

Empire Origins Season Two

American Origin of Buddhism

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I am in possession of an immense mass of evidence concerning the passage of the Mound Builders or Yuchi from America to Siberia. Curiously enough, the apparently darkest part of the subject is that upon which we will get the greatest light.

Artifacts Season One

The Piano Maker’s Tool Box

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Commonly known as the Studley Tool Chest, this intricate showcase of craftsmanship was created by master carpenter and stonemason Henry O. Studley. Studley was born in 1838 in Boston and […]