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The Art of Human Petrification

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Petrification is said to be “the process by which organic matter exposed to minerals over a long period is turned into a stony substance” (Source: Oxford Dictionary). Most sources I […]

Architecture Beyond the Veil Colombia TARTARIA BRITANNICA

Las Lajas Sanctuary – What You Don’t Know!

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Introduction Photos of Santuario de Las Lajas or the Las Lajas Sanctuary make their way around social media routinely. We ourselves have run posts on the majestic and precariously perched […]


The Piano Maker’s Tool Box

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Commonly known as the Studley Tool Chest, this intricate showcase of craftsmanship was created by master carpenter and stonemason Henry O. Studley. Studley was born in 1838 in Boston and […]

Architecture France Introduction Rippinro

Atmospheric Electricity

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Atmospheric electricity was generated by the Tour Eiffel by working jointly with the Trocadero towers and the basilica in Montmartre – the highest point in Paris. The Palais du Trocadero […]

Introduction Mudflood TARTARIA BRITANNICA

Mudflood Theory Part I: Soil Liquefaction

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You may have heard of the Mudflood Theory (MFT) before. When we first came across this theory, we did a quick internet search and our curiosity was put to rest. […]

Aether Introduction TARTARIA BRAZIL Technology

Fireplaces That Do Not Burn Wood

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An interesting aspect of these elaborate mansions and palaces are that the fireplaces do not burn wood. While at first glance it looks like a normal fireplace, further inspection reveals […]