Mythical Tales Mythology Season Two

The Monster of Lake Fagua

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The creature known as the Tagua Tagua Monster, or the monster of Lake Fagua, was claimed to have been captured in Santa Fe, Peru in the 18th century. This creature […]

Historical Mysteries Season Two Unsolved Mysteries

The White House Debunked!

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It’s Ancient Buried, Semi-Buried and Un-buried Original First Floor! The White House presents an interesting case for original buried first floors — not “basement windows”, as some Reddit “debunkers” love […]

Ancient Civilizations Cultures and Societies Season One

Memoirs and Critical Observations: A Warm North Pole?

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Memoirs and Critical Observations concerning the situation of the northern regions of Asia and America, according to the latest discoveries; shewing the great probability of there being a passage to the East Indies, through the North East Sea. Lausanne.

Old World vs New World Season One Visual Galleries

Star Fort: Bourtange, Holland

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As we continue on our quest for these amazing star-shaped islands, we next head to the flat lands southeast of Groningen, Netherlands, to the town of Bourtange, resting along the […]

Architectural Marvels Artifacts and Evidence Season One

Las Lajas Sanctuary – What You Don’t Know!

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Introduction Photos of Santuario de Las Lajas or the Las Lajas Sanctuary make their way around social media routinely. We ourselves have run posts on the majestic and precariously perched […]

Ancient Civilizations Empires and Kingdoms

The Mongol Empire Never Existed

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Until the end of the 19th century, there was no such thing as a so-called “Mongol Empire” or “Golden Horde” in the history books. This myth was invented very recently […]

Historical Mysteries Season One Unsolved Mysteries

Mudflood Theory Part I: Soil Liquefaction

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You may have heard of the Mudflood Theory (MFT) before. When we first came across this theory, we did a quick internet search and our curiosity was put to rest. […]