How far down does this rabbit hole actually go?

The plot thickens!!!

Welcome back dear reader! Before we embark on the next leg of our treasure hunt, I must first caveat this article with a spoiler alert. Here within I shall reveal the mysteries posed in part one, which includes Alexander Waugh’s brilliant, not to be missed presentation, “Shakespeare was a fake and I can prove it”. So, if you’ve not already seen it, you may prefer to start at the beginning.

Part One.

It’s abundantly clear from Alexander’s presentation that Shakespeare was in fact a pseudonym, and ‘his’ works are at the hands and brains of more than one person. We can surmise that Edward de Vere and John Dee were certainly in the mix. I’ve heard Francis Bacon’s name bandied about too, amongst a few others, and who’s to say not all of them are culpable in one way or another.

Shakespeare fact or fiction
William Shakespeare
Image British Library
Shakespeare fact or fiction
John Dee performing magic for Queen Elizabeth I
Image courtesy of The Welcome Collection

With layers of history, rumour, and codes to unpick, this rabbit hole goes deeper than I ever could have imagined. With twists and turns, enticing clues, and rewards of hidden knowledge, revealing the ‘keys’ that lead us onto the next layer of the puzzle. The synchronicities are endless and so exquisitely clever, it makes one quiver with delight and awe as each penny drops.

Now, what do we know for sure? So far, we’ve got a big fat juicy finger pointing at the Templars, propaganda influencing the narrative of the time, Masonic symbology hidden in monuments and encrypted syphers in the sonnets. All of the aforementioned, dropping tantalizing breadcrumbs that take us from the beautiful English countryside of Stratford-upon-Avon to the ancient site of Westminster Abbey in the heart of London. Where to next I wonder??? 

Westminster Abbey
Original Image – The Secret Historian

The clue is in the title, and when in doubt, follow the white rabbit, which brings us back to the sonnet title page. This sonnet title page goes deep and was certainly the work of more than one code maker. John Dee was most probably the main mastermind overseeing the whole affair. His mathematical genius fingerprints are all over a big bulk of the encryptions. Imagine a group of encoders, top minds of the time, all in the secret club, all in the know, sat around a table, all with the same base template provided by the mastermind John Dee himself. Each member of the club adds a layer, their own signature piece, collaborative genius minds creating one work that would take just one person more than a lifetime to decode.

So, we must pause at this juncture, for further scrutiny of this title page would serve us well. Take a closer look, zoom in on the head title… notice anything? A clue to our first marker perhaps?

Shakespeare fact or fiction
Close up of the head title on the Sonnet title page. Zoom in.

Is that a white rabbit? Well, I’m sure you’ll all agree, the obvious next step is to follow our furry little friend down the rabbit hole…. or at least follow his gaze. I think it’s time to print off the page and have a go at drawing it for ourselves, a touch of palpable research to really bring this to life.

Follow the link to follow the white rabbit!

Is anyone else wondering what further revelations this sonnet title page has in store?

Where in the realm will it lead us next?

We all know the victors write history, and it’s human nature to gossip and embellish a story, thus leaving us with layers of rumour and hearsay that make it practically impossible to discern truth from tripe. These codes however are a tangible truth that we can rely on. They make mathematical and logical sense, and encompass far too many synchronicities to be mere coincidence. Here we have something solid from history that can be decoded and understood by us today. History books lie, propaganda veils the truth but, there is safety in numbers, and these ones all add up.

If you would like to follow this intriguing treasure hunt and help us find the ‘keys’ to unlock the next layer of the puzzle, then please join us in the Enigma Realm channel on Telegram — Enigma Realm- what the actual?. It’s resource rich, with breakdowns of how to find the clues for yourself. You can pose questions, discuss hypotheses and check your findings.

This knowledge has been hidden from us all for a long time, spanning generations of secret keepers. Here’s a chance to uncover it for yourself, find out just how far this reaches. 

Shakespeare fact or fiction
William Shakespeare monument, Westminster Abbey.
Original Image – The Secret Historian

Join me in Part 3 where we visit Westminster Abbey for a closer inspection of Shakespeare’s monument for ourselves.

The plot gets thicker!!! 

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