Sammezzano Castle

The Castle of Sammezzano is an Italian palazzo in Tuscany featuring a Moorish Revival architectural style. Unfortunately, the castle is now closed and it’s difficult to currently enter the building.

Sammezzano Castle

This Moorish style castle is strikingly beautiful, and it is all the more surprising that few people know about it, even among Italians themselves. Sammezzano is difficult to get into, but the experience is worth all the effort. Sadly, the castle was shut down and it is unknown whether people can still check it out and visit it in person.

The real question is, what kind of technology did they use to build such an amazing castle?
Sammezzano Castle exterior

In Moorish revival architecture, the building’s facade rarely displays its true beauty, opting for a more square-like exterior as seen here. The interior is where the creative extent of the architect is apparent!

Map of the province of Florence, Italy
The castle is located in Leccio, a hamlet of Reggello, in the Province of Florence, Italy.
Sammezzano Castle

All the beauty is inside the structure.

It is filled with beautiful, striking colors, each one complementary to the other. What an amazing design! It takes a truly intelligent mind to create such a structure with so much finesse. Even today, we would have many difficulties recreating these buildings with modern technology. It’s hard to imagine how these would’ve been handcrafted at the time, especially when modern technology is unable to replicate the intricacies that are present.

Sammezzano Castle ceiling

It was not just one civilization that was capable of creating these types of amazing structures. There were many across the world that built incredible structures that today we struggle to restore — let alone build them. Moors, Romans, Mongolians/Tartarians all had these impressive architectures, so why can’t we?

The Materials

This Castle has 365 rooms with walls made ​​of red clay bricks and stones. The walls were decorated with breathtaking colors and patterns. Some areas of the castle are made of marble and glazed ceramics, carved pieces of tile, stone, and stucco metal. The Sammezzano Castle is filled with geometric patterns showing the brilliant work of this castle.

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