Primordial Cosmogony

After the destruction and collapse of the Universe prior to the current one, all its matter dissolves, returning to Ain – to the absolute abstract space, primordial chaos, origin 000 or protocosmos, from where all material creations emerge. In the new beginning, about 15,000 million years ago (approx), a new creation event occurs:

A being from the pleroma, the 1, an omnipotent soul of fire, known as the lightning bolt of creation, hits the Ain, fertilizing the primordial water, unleashing what cosmologists call the “Big-Bang”. The dark matter contained in the protocosmos begins to coagulate, forming networks of polyamplituhedrons, which are particles of protomatter that associate and assemble together, in minimal units, in the form of primordial Platonic quasi-solids. These networks of particles make up the tattwas, which are the primordial substance of the 5 elements of creation, the dodecahedral aether, the tetrahedral fire, the octahedral air, the icosahedral water and the hexahedral earth. With the available tattwas, the 1 unfolds into 2 ones, generating the first creative triangle or trimurti, which consciously manages the interaction of the 3 gunas or 3 forces of creation, sattvas (light) – rajas (sound) – tamas (form), with the tattwas, to give rise to all material creation, in its various levels of organization and complexity, from galaxies, suns and planets, to the human microcosm and the abyss.

cosmologia primordial

The trimurti, converted into a demiurge, sustained wisdom and intelligence, to conceive and shape space-time into a coarse work, what is known as the Universe. They were the elohim, the impulse of the cosmic Christ, the army of the fire of the voice, the cosmocrators, creators of worlds, as the biblical texts point out, “in the beginning (bereshit), was the word”.

The creation of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms corresponded to other soul-beings, the work of the divine mothers. In Gaia’s veil, the mysteries of the origin of life on Earth are contained.

Note that the Earth was matrix free until before the fall of Atlantis, Lemuria and Hyperborea. In those days, trees could be miles tall, using Silicon chemistries. Humans were also giants and the earth was less dense. With the arrival of regressive extraterrestrial races on Earth, everything changed. It was with the advent of the Aryan race (today in the process of completion), where the Earth becomes a vibrational jail, and heavens and hells and the astral interdimension are created, in order to enslave humanity, through implants and belief systems. Despite the above, it occurs in Tartary, the golden age of the Aryan race, where the understanding of the primordial cosmogony is reached and how to scientifically use the aether and the gunas, to obtain advanced technologies.

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