“AETHER” Part III: Power Generating Plants as Unparalleled Works of Art

Our Previous Civilization was so advanced that they built its power generating plants as unparalleled works of art.

All main buildings from our Ancient Civilization worked as energy resonator-generator, transforming the ions vibration into electricity, transmitting energy wireless for Earth through capacitors (batteries) like arcs, towers, rotundas, columns and obelisks.

They worked with the piezoelectricity from crystal quartz, accumulating an electric charge, generating high voltages, producing electronic frequencies and ultrasonic sound waves.

According to Wikipedia, “piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure and latent heat.”

“Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics and biological matter such as bones, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress.”

The Giza pyramid complex was a powerful resonator, casting electricity from the ionosphere.

Built with dolomite, granite and limestone, the pyramids had nearby 20 capacitors (batteries) in granite capsules that were one ton each.

The complex had an aquifer underground, piezoelectricity, and a golden cap on top in order to create a strong electromagnetic field through several chemical reactions.

In our highly advanced civilization, red clay bricks and concrete worked as batteries themselves since they possess conductive properties.

Lamps could be connected into the walls to obtain eternal energy without wires.

Towers and obelisks were batteries (capacitors) for storing and sending energy. Holes in the structures served to tune sound waves. Pediments, dentils, reliefs, and adornments were used in profusion to guide the energy waves.

All skyscrapers, bridges, and everything else we see in the next images were built by our Previous Civilization — which had state-of-the-art technology, advanced engineering systems in the buildings as wireless energy and communication, centralized purified air conditioning, heating, cooling, elevators, sewage system, escalator tunnels, pneumatic tubes and underground transport with magnetic levitation — long before the false geniuses, created by the official history, were born to ‘invent’ them.

And all this at the time that the official history calls the ‘Middle Age’.

Photographs that purport to show NY buildings construction around the 1900s are mere photomontages that combine high quality glass negative images with grainy images of false workers.

All the architecture of the past has gained new history — and new dates — to hide its ancient origin.

The imposing architecture of the Previous World Empire is present in both New York and Moscow. One of its characteristics are the blocks of different heights, which make solid skyscrapers.

The old Empire’s memory is still alive today in the name of one of them — the Empire State Building.

That empire was global.

Same architecture, same technology, same culture, one civilization.

And it’s not just about the neoclassical buildings.

The so-called “Seven Sisters” buildings have similars all over the world.

In the United States, the Colossus of Rhodes — the copper structure known as the Statue of Liberty — would have been built long before the 1600s.

In America, some buildings had the same architectural style and materials of thousands of castles and old structures in Europe.

The whole world is showing signs of the presence of an advanced civilization on Earth from the very first moment we were colonized.

  • Power generating plants
  • Power generating plants
  • Power generating plants
  • Power generating plants
  • Power generating plants
  • Power generating plants
  • Power generating plants

I call this advanced civilization the White Federation due to its stunning White Star Cities.

With a population far more technologically capable than us, their magnificent architecture had prefabricated interlocking blocks from an unknown formula of white powder mixed with salt and crystals to increase electrical conductivity.

But the U.S. Federal Water Power Act of 1920, sponsored by John J. Esch, an immigrant from Westphalia, Prussia, would officially end the use of free energy.

Power generating plants

The secret formula of its concrete would make the buildings last for centuries and to become more resilient over time.

They were built to be eternal.

Stay tuned for Part IV as we continue to unravel the mysteries of our Previous Civilization.

Article series is based off the AETHER documentary by Marcia Ramalho.

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