Old World vs New World – Before & After Gallery

Welcome to our first Gallery Article. Since the great year of change in 2020, we have amassed over 600 before and after photos in our archive. We have reviewed each one and selected the best 100 (-ish) for your attention and review. Each one comparing the old world architecture with the modern square build. Now, obviously we are completely bias on this topic, so we will see what you think in the comments below and reserve our narration for part 2!

Before we dive in, we think it’s necessary to say a jolly well done to the city of Oxford for surviving the test of time relatively intact!

Old world vs new world

Other cities, as we will see in the gallery, have seen much more radical changes.

We pose a very simple question to our eagle-eyed reader


We have collected the best before and after pictures we could find from the web so we can truly compare our realm. As many have said before, you really can judge a civilization on its architecture. Some of these pictures raise an interesting question regarding our progress in the last 100 years.

Do these new buildings sing to you, like the old structures do?

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