Magellanica. I kept seeing it everywhere but disappears late 1600s. This area was named after the explorer, Magellan, it was he that first recorded the discovery of a small strait at the southern most tip of South America during his and many other people’s recorded circumnavigations. 


So this region is named after him. What I found interesting is what looks like CITIZENS of Magellanica, larger people (see above photo) depicted in what is Terra Fuego, through Cape Horn (5 below 0) down to modern day Antarctica.

More interestingly the people residing there seem to be dressed for subtropical temperature clothing or lacking clothing all together.. in Terra de Fuego a sub polar region extending down to Antarctica?.. some Patagonian giants depicted with penguins barely wearing clothes (see both above photos) it’s not just one or two maps down the line, cartographers agree.

There have been several explorers to that have made claims about sub tropical continents beyond Antarctica and many have speculated that it was actually modern day Australia or perhaps Antarctica wasn’t always an ice waste land.

What I can be sure of are patterns. They never lie. There is a baseline narrative for everything. Historical narrative, geological narrative, biological narrative, science narrative, art narrative, political narrative so presumably there is an unchallenged geographical narrative.

I would venture to say to say there are more lands and people than are documented or recorded.

Map: Tabula Magellanica : quâ Tierrae del fuego, cum celeberrimis fretis a F. Magellano et I. Le Maire detectis novissima et accuratissima descriptio exhibetur, 1635, Huntington Library.
Source: Calisphere
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    DARYL Edwin COOK

    I was wondering as far as =the ice wall goes and what is on the other side. Was this same tech in those days as well?

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