Frisland? Frislanda, Friesland. Meaning Free Land.

Major city looks like Cabaru and baras? Mid 1600s.

I find it hard accepting that these detailed, unanimous, cartography depictions of islands with major cities are “phantom” islands that never truly existed.

Same goes for the Isla de California. These cartographers came in from different countries at different times recorded the same things. 

The more libraries I go through the more I see these cartography wonders. Friesland is said to be fictional. I’ve seen maybe one or two maps here or there. But I collected these the New York public repository.

While knowledge of our realm seemed available in the 17th century, knowledge about it diminishes in the 18th century and by 19th century we be came knowers of nothing. I can not describe it any other way than it becomes diluted.

I really do think there was a major flood that shifted land masses and made information less available because they are so different from one century to the next.

There is a man who is using what appears to be a trident or vajra or energy harnesser I have seen them used in all travel, soaring, flying carpets and now boats.

If anyone can translate the square leave it in the comments from what I could decipher which was maybe “The green landers use a certain kid if boat made of corn in which there is only room for one man who only needs and oar”.


New York Public Library 

Full credit to @tartariantalisman, Instagram.
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