“AETHER” Part IV: Cyber Steam Civilization & Mudfloods

To produce energy to feed the entire world, our Previous Civilization would use the most economical, abundant and clean element in the world.

The water.

The steam of water.

We were the Cyber Steam Civilization.

Our Ancestors would use steam from water as fuel to power all cities, industries, turbines, machines, engines and means of transportation. 

For this, they would build canals surrounding all cities and Star Fortresses with water.

For the same reason, they built cities with underground cisterns, floating palaces and water towers in railway stations.

To transport water, they would build aqueducts that False History would call “Roman”.

Today, the false science call the steam from water hydrogen and helium.

  • steam power
  • steam power
  • steam power

This highly advanced civilization was annihilated in the 20th century through biological-chemical warfare, plasma weapons, floods, and scheduled mass exterminations.

Suddenly the Earth was deserted by billions of people.

  • steam power
  • steam power
  • steam power

In order to hide the fact that cities were deserted – since all the inhabitants had been killed, – Parasites would create false images by adding cars on horseback, cheap actors and false electricity wires.

All the architecture and technology would then be stolen and Parasites would settle in the castles of our ancestors.

They would later falsify our past and create the current ignorant civilization.

After conquering the Earth, Parasites would fill some places with a layer of clay and sand to hide our state-of-the-art underground structures, now claiming it was a “mudflood”.

But “mudflood” is a quite different thing. It entirely destroys houses and cities and that didn’t happen to worldwide central historical districts like Moscow, Berlin, London, NY… even Siberia, where the landfill carefully saved the 1st floor of some houses while burying others, therefore leaving some space for ventilation and intact interiors.

This is a real mudflood.

There are no volcanic ash eruptions, water or mud floods that are capable of reaching the main capitals of the world and bury only the outside of the first floors on some buildings, keeping the inside intact.

The buried first floors and windows were not “escavated”.

They were just preserved from being grounded.

The first floors were buried when the original street level was raised up.

Parasites would also carpet bomb our Earth, creating 800,000 lakes in Siberia, 30,000 islands in Canada, annihilating African cities and covering them with mining waste to turn them into deserts.

You can see African artificial deserts with blackened rock remnants, or gnarled trees. Some craters would turn into lakes, such as lake Victoria.

There are fragments of huge explosions all over the world.

In these lands, nothing else can be born.

Part V coming soon, as we continue to unravel the mysteries of our Previous Civilization.

Article series is based off the AETHER documentary by Marcia Ramalho.

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