Architecture Energy Guest Author Season One

“AETHER” Part III: Power Generating Plants as Unparalleled Works of Art

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Our Previous Civilization was so advanced that they built its power generating plants as unparalleled works of art. All main buildings from our Ancient Civilization worked as energy resonator-generator, transforming […]

Art Guest Author Paintings

The Enchanted Castle

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Threatened with marriage to a monster Psyche, a mortal, is blown away by the West Wind. She awakens near a magical palace and falls in love with Cupid. He makes Psyche promise not to look at his divine face, but she breaks this promise and Cupid abandons her.

Artifacts Beyond the Veil Guest Author

The Spirit Mirror

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‘Spirit mirror’ used by 16th-century occultist John Dee. A renaissance polymath whose interests ranged from astronomy to astrology, alchemy and math, John Dee advised the queen from the start of her reign […]

Architecture France Guest Author Introduction

Atmospheric Electricity

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Atmospheric electricity was generated by the Tour Eiffel by working jointly with the Trocadero towers and the basilica in Montmartre – the highest point in Paris. The Palais du Trocadero […]