The Castle of Rovasenda’s Sky

The abandoned Castello Nuovo di Rovasenda, the Castle of Rovasenda, seems to have been built in medieval times, however, it is not that old.

In fact, it was built in the 1920s, by Count Luigi Casimiro di Rovasenda, as a copy of the old Castle of Rovasenda, a castle situated 100 meters from the road.

The original Castle was built in “1170” by Alberto di Rovasenda.  First, it was exclusively for military purposes, but later it was transformed into a manor house between the 15th and 16th centuries.

The walls of the rooms have paintings showing a sky with red and blue colors.  What would be the reason these rooms have such colors? And what provided a sky of red color to be recorded for future generations?

We can say that paintings are records of events from a certain time. Looking at the paintings above, what would be the message that the artist portrayed and that, somehow, remained for future generations? Plasma coming down from the sky? Transition between blue/red colors or vice versa?  Hybrids?

The Castle of Rovasenda’s Sky by TARTARIA BRAZIL
A Tartaria Britannica Production

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